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About Us

This is how it all started....

I went natural back in April 2014. I was planning on doing a long drown out transition, but one Thursday afternoon I decided to just cut it all off. Yes, I rocked a TWA and I loved it. I started researching what butters I could use on my hair and scalp, started making my own moisturizers using Shea Butter. From there I was like, why can’t I make my own body butter?????

I haven’t bought a body butter from a store since 2014. I love experimenting with different oils and butters from different countries to see what works best. I never thought to sell until recently when my friends asked me why I don’t sell them. Honestly…I didn’t think anyone would buy them. There are so many great brands out in the world, why would someone buy from me? Of course, being the great friends that they are, they told me I was acting stupid, underestimating myself and my gift. So, here we are…I am doing something I love to do.