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Melt & Pour Soap, Why I Love It

When I decided I wanted to start making soap, Melt and Pour Soap was not what I envisioned.  I was going to make it from “scratch”…that is until I learned I had to use lye.  Now, I know myself very well….I can be a little clumsy at times. I have a tendency of being danger prone…so…with me being scared of what may happen since I am danger prone and lye are not a good combination at all.  At that point I was like, “What the hell am I going to do?”  After some research I found Melt and Pour Soap….it was exactly what my danger prone behind needed until I get up the nerve to face my lye fears.

I found a recipe for Charcoal and Tea Tree Facial Soap and proceeded to buy what I needed.  I found and bought a Tea Tree based melt and pour soap, the recipe called for Tea Tree essential oil, but I wanted to make the recipe all my own. I bought activated charcoal, a few carrier oils, and a mold.  It actually came out really nice and I didn’t have to wait for it to cure!  It turned out so well I decided to add it to my website.  You can click the link above to check it out and/or purchase.

Here are a few things I learned about Melt and Pour Soap:

  1. It is not cheating – Using Melt and Pour Soap is not cheating. There are people, such as myself, who don’t want the hassle of using lye.     
  2. No cure time – When making soap from scratch, there is a cure time of 4-6 weeks.  Some people don’t have time to wait that length of time.  Melt and Pour Soap does not have a curing time, it can be used as soon as it has hardened.
  3. So many bases to choose from – There are so many Melt and Pour Soap bases to choose from. A few I have on hand are:  Tea Tree, Hemp, Buttermilk, Goat Milk, and Oatmeal. Also, there is a detergent free option, which is great for people with sensitive skin.

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