And the journey begins

Whipped body butter made with Shea and Mango Butters, Aloe Vera and Agave Extract

I am in the process of starting a small boutique for skincare products, manage my online business…and of course work a full time job. I have bills to pay and I like to eat….so I am unable to quit my full-time gig right now. I didn’t realize how stressful, yet gratifying, it would be. The lack of sleep is worth a future I have been dreaming of and it’s better then going out drinking and spending money.

As I write my first blog at the start of this journey, I have thoughts running around in my head. Thoughts of should I be doing this, what if I fail, what if I’m not any good…so many negative self inflicted thoughts. I have to change my mindset, I can’t think about failing when I haven’t even started. I can’t think of it as failure, but more of progression…learning. Or better yet, failing forward!!!!

So with all of this being said, this is the 1st of many blog posts. Whether I have something to say or just want to ramble on about something.

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